Do you feel overwhelmed when you arrive home and find it all messy? Got this feeling of not sharing enough time with your family? Well… you’re not the only one!

People underestimate household chores, they never really think about them until they realize they have to do them, because if not their home is going to be a chaos.

Usually, at your job you have an organized agenda, tasks assigned to certain people and a to-do list that helps you go through the day without going crazy.  And that's what you should be doing at home too!

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In my case, I was losing a lot of time doing everything on Sundays (because it is the only free day that I have). And this are the common mistakes I used to do:

  • Pile up all the dishes for the whole weekwoman cleaning
  • Throw all the dirty clothes in a basket without checking if they really needed to be washed or if those could be used one more time
  • Preparing snacks, lunches and dinner each day
  • Making beds at night
  • Not putting things in their place as soon as I finished using them


Actually, there were more but I didn't even realize it. Which is bad because the first step to solve a problem is realizing you have one! So, as soon as I realize my home was never clean I decided to get help from a housekeeper and it's the best decision I’ve made.

 What about you? How are you keeping your home clean? Tell us about it


Andrea Gonzalez

Written by Andrea Gonzalez